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Listen..... Closely. I'm not sure how food gets this good, maybe magic, OR I will assume, a Looooooong line of chefs who care intensely of the taste and quality of their food, Either way if there were 10 stars to give I'd give 20 because the food is so good it makes me feel like crying lol. I forgot to take pictures of my Oxtail platter because I was too busy enjoying it, the cabbage is seasoned to perfection, the YAMS are insane and there is no need to add Oxtail sauce to the beans and rice because every bit of my platter must be savored in its entirety. (And then you can mix)Please take the time to stop by and treat yourself to hands down the BEST Jamaican ive EVER had. Sheeeeeeeeeeesh. Oh.... FRIENDLY service and genuine folk work there, and totally obliterate the competition (There is none) in regards to how they treat you as a customer.


Kareem T.